Gleah’s Human Design

Gleah’s Human Design chart shows that she is an innovative guide, coach and mentor. This natural gift works best when she is invited or asked by others to advise them. As a Projector, one of four types in Human Design, her aura reaches out, focuses on the other person and reads their energy. Through her intuitive splenic awareness, she spontaneously knows how to empower others to awaken to their perfected form, perfect their lives, so that they can survive correctly as themselves in the world.

She has a love of talent, an instinctive knowledge of the capabilities of others, for sensing their gifts, skills and potential. She’s always looking for a mystery or a puzzle to solve. She is a master at creating inspiration out of confusion and chaos.

Gleah is here to successfully recognize others, live by her word, walk her talk, and be a role model for loving and living one’s uniqueness.


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