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"Emotional competence is the ability to thoroughly resolve not-useful emotions so that they no longer produce problems or suffering. Creating a state of being where you have a direct experience of the totality of pure awareness frees you from the grip of emotion."―Tom Stone, Founder of Great Life Technologies


WaveMaker Coaching is a revolutionary coaching method, extraordinarily effective in rapidly pinpointing, processing and clearing the core energetic frequencies of underlying problems, such as unresolved trauma, fear, painful experiences from the past, societal and familial conditioning, anxiety, addictive tendencies and undesirable habits and beliefs.

Issues like these prevent us from living out the potential of our uniqueness: making optimal life decisions, being fully present to our lives and experiencing ourselves as whole and complete.

Many of us have been in therapy, read self-help books, repeatedly stated positive affirmations to counteract negative thoughts, attended seminars and recovery programs, engaged in various spiritual practices, and maybe tried traditional life coaching. But if unproductive patterns of experience are still showing up, the energetic core of the issue has not been addressed.

Habitual problems stem from the reactive emotions of unmet expectations, projections onto the future and incomplete experiences. These not-useful emotions are held in the body as patterns of energy and are invariably activated or triggered by current life events. We are deeply conditioned from childhood on to go as far away as possible from the intensity of any sensation or emotion by talking ourselves out of our feelings, making up reasons we shouldn’t feel certain things, and numbing ourselves in various ways. To deal with overwhelming emotions in childhood, we make decisions, usually pre-verbally, about how we need to be or not be in order to survive and keep unresolved feelings at bay. These decisions become life-long habits. We tend to run on automatic and live from conditioned emotional reactions, driven by hidden pain and fear.


Unlike conventional coaching, which requires being kept accountable for accomplishing a goal and expending an enormous amount of effort to overcome obstacles and make it happen, WaveMaker Coaching energetically addresses the 12 most common conditioned habits, using a cutting-edge roadmap called The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning. These inner barriers include: resisting feeling things fully, ignoring your intuition, being judgmental, avoiding the present, looking for yourself where you are not, mistaking need for love, resisting change, limiting self-expression, trying to force an outcome, excluding other perspectives, manufacturing interpretations and over-reacting to circumstances.

The energy patterns of these habits can be cleared with WaveMaker Coaching. All that’s needed, with guidance from a WaveMaker coach, is to bring the energy of a specific core dynamic to the surface, identify where in your body the energy is vibrating and sometimes within minutes, using specific techniques, the habit loses its grip and you feel extracted from it.

As your inner emotional landscape becomes clearer, living in the absence of the Core Dynamics becomes the norm: I feel things fully, I trust and act on my intuition, everything is part of me, I feel fully in this moment, I am whole and complete, I am unconditional love, I enjoy the wonder of uncertainty, I am self-sufficient, I act only from clarity, my heart and mind are open, I see perfection in everything, I maintain equanimity.

In addition to the Core Dynamics Model of Human Conditioning, WaveMaker Coaching utilizes a bio-resonance machine called the WaveMaker, bio-energetic muscle testing or Kinesiology, guided awareness techniques, intuition, and when appropriate, information and support from the Human Design System and Powers Movement. A customized synthesis of these techniques occurs within the creative process of a one-on-one coaching session.


The length of time spent in WaveMaker Coaching depends on each individual’s needs, how far they want to go and how many areas of their life they want to optimize. Habits and issues that have developed over a lifetime cannot be expected to vanish overnight. Sometimes, a long held problem does clear up in one session. Clients feel so much better they forget they have other issues that need to be addressed.

To begin, I recommend the 4 hour-1 month coaching package. This will give you a valid experience of WaveMaker Coaching and its significant benefits. After completing these initial hours, we can discuss additional sessions and other coaching packages; the 10 hour-3 month package and the 20 hour-6 month, “Optimize Your Life,” package.

The “Optimize Your Life” program goes beyond clearing only your conscious, problematic issues. Conditioning is insidious. It’s invisible. This package is designed to unmask and clear the limiting, unconscious forms of conditioning in every area of your life, past and present.

WaveMaker Coaching is not therapy, but as with any therapeutic process it requires a degree of commitment and consistency for optimal results.

When enough conditioning has been cleared, clients are able to use some of the WaveMaker Coaching techniques to take care of themselves emotionally between sessions.

(I offer a free 30-minute consultation in person or by phone to answer your questions and give you an evaluation.)


Our thoughts and feelings exist as waves of energy. Each feeling and belief has its own unique energy frequency or wave. For instance, the feeling of being worried about money feels very different from the fear of public speaking or that you’ll never meet your ideal mate.

When you talk about a particular topic, the energy pattern of the not-useful emotion you want to be free of is brought into your awareness and becomes present in the electromagnetic field of your body. The presence of that pattern lingers in the field for some time. As you hold two brass rods, the WaveMaker detects the wave frequency of that pattern through the “input” rod. It inverts the original energy wave and sends it back to you through the “output” rod. The resulting collision of these two virtually identical but opposite waves, yours and the inverted one from the WaveMaker, causes your original wave to be cancelled, thus breaking up the energy frequency of the undesirable habit or emotion. This is similar to the way a noise-canceling headset works by picking up background noise, mirroring it back to you and canceling it out so all you hear is the music.


After using the WaveMaker for the first time, people report a wide variety of experiences. Some say they didn’t notice much, others say they feel changed forever. Your personal response may be determined by the following factors:

The expertise of the WaveMaker Coach — On its own, the WaveMaker is nothing more than a large scientific-looking paperweight. Its effectiveness lies in the clarity, skill and creativity of its operator.

Your body’s wisdom about the degree of change it wants to accept at any given time — Your body will determine the pace of energetic change that is right for you. It is not uncommon for a client to work on an issue over several sessions, removing deeper and deeper layers over time. Eventually, the cumulative effect becomes so profound they will suddenly report that they’ve experienced a huge shift. Sometimes, one session is enough to handle an issue completely and fully. Other times, a series of sessions is required.

The degree to which you are normally tuned into your inner awareness — People who are not used to noticing their inner experience sometimes have difficulty in the beginning recognizing or describing what has changed and may need additional coaching and/or Powers Movement sessions to support their process.

Being put in a situation where the change reveals itself — For instance, if you have a session to help you feel more relaxed in a group setting, you may have to wait until you are in a group to notice how different you are.

Your willingness to test-drive your new way of being — WaveMaker Coaching doesn’t make you act differently; it simply removes the inner barriers that have held you back. Sometimes, you will find yourself spontaneously behaving differently. Other times, you have to consciously decide to take a first risky step before discovering that the old barriers are no longer there.

The basic technology of the WaveMaker has been used in Europe for more than 40 years. It has full CE regulatory approval in Europe and carries the CE mark. The WaveMaker, the Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning model and the Nature of Emotions model were developed by Tom Stone.

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