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Gleah PowersAlternative Life Coach

Gleah Powers has more than 30 years experience as a healing arts professional. She brings an unparalleled depth and versatility to her work, much of which was born out of and developed from a burning desire at a young age to search for the most effective ways to address emotional pain and broaden consciousness.

Her search led her to the arts; painting, writing and dance and to many alternative therapies such as est, Rolfing, Aston Kinetics, 12-step programs, Anne Wilson Schaef’s Deep Process work, Holographic Memory Release, Continuum Movement, Trauma & PTSD Resolution training, the WaveMaker Coaching Mastery Program and the Human Design System.

As a result of Gleah’s extensive participation and training in these and other alternative disciplines, she became a practitioner, facilitator, teacher, and workshop leader in the healing arts field. As she discovered methods and techniques that helped improve her life, expand her consciousness, showed her how to uncover and process fear and painful experiences from the past, she felt called to present those tools to others in a synthesis of her own design.

With her background in body and movement therapies, addiction recovery, emotional release and energy work, along with her gift of penetrating and honing in on where people have become disempowered, she brings a sense of grounded-ness, clarity, practicality and humor to her clients through her fusion of WaveMaker Coaching, Human Design Analysis and Powers Movement.

Gleah also has a background in ballet, jazz, African and modern dance. She is a professional artist, published writer and editor with an MFA in creative writing. Her eclectic skills give her a multi-faceted perspective from which she creatively and successfully guides people in the process of finding empowerment in their uniqueness.

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