“I discovered Human Design a decade ago and loved its complex, infinite source of insight and wisdom. Gleah has taken that information and paired it with WaveMaker Coaching in such a way that is brilliant, unique, and more effective than years of traditional therapy. In just one session I was able to unweave 35 years of struggle – get to the source of it, “clear it”… I have never needed my anti-depressants again. And I have never had any of the symptoms again. Through multiple sessions, I have worked through family issues, food and hormone issues, and set work and relationship intention statements. I am happier, clearer, closer and more connected to myself than ever in my life. Just go – try it – let’s heal the world… Thanks Gleah. xo”

Mary Shuler, Artist, Bodyworker, Santa Monica, CA


“From psychiatry to self-help books; meditation to too many merlots, nothing has helped me understand myself and my family dynamics more than Gleah’s unique hybrid of Human Design and WaveMaker therapy –not to mention the millions of other life experiences she brings to her practice. I tell everyone I know who’s yearning to understand themselves and their life more, ‘Go see Gleah.’ She IS the best therapy in the world. If I knew you, I’d offer a money-back guarantee.”

Linda Davis, Writer, mother of 3 children with special needs, Board member of Leaps‘n Boundz Foundation, Santa Monica, CA


“After the experience of one hour-long session, I signed on with Gleah Powers for her ten session series. Coming out of a heart attack a month before, with issues of shortness of breath and residual trauma fears, in the first session I recovered the ability to fully breathe for the first time in two years, along with a respite from a sense of dread that had accompanied the pre-attack period. I also have since experienced a dramatic drop in my post-cardiac blood pressure. The on-going sessions continue to be a fascinating exploration of relieving the stress of old trauma, through Gleah’s very steady and gentle educational awareness methods.

Andrew Rush, Artist, Founder & Education Director of The Drawing Studio, Tucson, AZ


“Gleah and I worked on setting intentions statements for advancement in my career and for an optimal relationship. Both have come to fruition. I’ve had a very successful year professionally and I am seriously dating someone for the first time in 10 years. I have a deeper understanding of myself and more insight into all my relationships: personal, family and professional. I’ve also done Powers Movement sessions with Gleah. I now have a heightened awareness of how my body is moving in everyday activities and while I’m working. This structural education has helped me feel more balanced, more ease of movement and much less pain.”

Tony DeSalvo, Hairstylist, Redken Artist/Educator, Los Angeles & teaching across southern California,


“I have had wonderful results from working with Gleah. She has helped me search out the traumas and anxieties that have been stored in my body for years. This to me was essential in connecting the spirit and body. The clearing has given me so much space mentally to be PRESENT for my family and for myself.”

N.H., Homemaker, Brentwood, CA


“The WaveMaker system is monumental in its speed, simplicity and most importantly its effectiveness in breaking up energy patterns that have created uncomfortable, unproductive, undesirable behavioral habits that no longer serve me and how I choose to live my life. Gleah works with a keen focus and intuitive sense, getting right to it, whether it be giving clarity to my feelings and intentions or distinguishing interruptive behaviors that I’ve forgotten I created. Her wisdom and expertise with body awareness adds a dimension of healing and resolution to the program of change and living life at my fullest.”

Louretta Walker, Owner, BodyZAlive, Santa Monica, CA


“I have been doing work with Gleah over the past few months, and seeing some really freeing results. I have tackled feelings of anxiety and abandonment and learned where to identify it in my body so that I may release its hold on me. She is really gifted as a healer and uses a unique system and technique to reach root issues and provide an understanding of the mechanics of ourselves.”

Annette Jordan, Media Arts Director, DNA Media Partners, Playa del Rey, CA


“Gleah truly has the healing gift. She knew exactly how to pinpoint my resistance and we worked on that. I have used some of the techniques she taught me and I find myself much more peaceful and calm. It’s amazing! We all hold a lot of extra baggage. Most of this is buried and Gleah can find it. I highly recommend her.”

Beth Smith, Sales, Los Angeles, CA


“The work Gleah and I have done together has made a huge shift in my life. Going through a drastic change like a divorce, and having come from a very chaotic childhood with abuse and extremely high anxiety, I suffered from severe PTSD. It was affecting everything in my life from my relationships to my perception of my career and how I related to people. Through my work with Gleah, I discovered some life changing tools that expanded my perception of what I am capable of. I also discovered just how many layers there are to healing. It’s a process that with the right loving attention can be peeled back like an onion…yes, there may be some tears involved but the reward of living in your own skin will become a joy. Gleah, I love you and am so grateful you came into my life.”

Ninette Terhart, Fitness, Fashion & FUN! Los Angeles, CA


“The startle response work I did with Gleah was tested a couple of days after my appointment. I was presented with a situation that before would’ve seen me jump and exclaim with fright while I took what felt like a hit or shock to my whole nervous system, as if hit with high voltage. I always knew I was over-reacting in these situations, which involved encountering another individual unexpectedly. After working with Gleah, however, I experienced nothing more than a ping of surprise in my brain. My heart did not respond, neither did my skin or nervous system. Prior to the work with Gleah, I thought I’d permanently damaged my nervous system somewhere in childhood. Now, I am free of a tension that had me always on the alert and never able to fully relax naturally. Next, I’d like to work on the claustrophobia that began visiting me when I was a teenager.”

Jane Monteagle, Writer, Artist, Santa Monica, CA


“Gleah Powers has a diverse skill set that she uses in an integrated manner, which is invaluable to me. Her adept understanding of Human Design, aptitude at conveying knowledge, in unison with her personal life experience, are instrumental in my academic success and personal development. I have been working with Gleah and Human Design for more than eight months now, and with good reason. In each session, she consistently proves to be a boon of pertinent and practical insights that help smooth the path in this odyssey called life. She presents a map of the most efficacious routes, a key for understanding the complexities encountered, and a means to maximize the positive utility of my energy during this journey. Gleah’s firm grasp of Human Design is continually helpful to me, elucidating both deep-seated mysteries of self, as well honing in on abstract understanding that often slips from consciousness during the more hectic moments in life. Gleah is skilled at relating the abstract to the concrete and definite. More than a simple reading, she provides me with potent tools for traversing the ever-changing terrain of life. Gleah’s gift is her work, which for me promotes greater self-perception and comprehension of issues in a practical and substantively valuable way. She has guided me in a smorgasbord of diverse areas from sleeping and eating habits to providing instruments for use in sudden stressful situations. I truly appreciate her talents, and value her counsel.”

Daaim B. Daanish, Harvard University, Government in Science, Cambridge, MA


“Gleah Powers and the Human Design work that I’ve done with her has benefited me a great deal. Not only has it been enlightening, but a true learning experience as well. I’ve noticed a drastic change in myself and in the day-to-day choices I make on many different levels. I recently ran into an old friend and they noticed right off the bat that something about my energy had changed, sort of like I was a completely different person. This work has been a major influence in my life and I would suggest it to anyone trying to find their way in a world where it is so easy to get side tracked.”

Tajj Daanish, Administrative Assistant, Los Angeles, CA


“About 9 months ago, my Mom noticed my front left leg twitching. She got concerned and asked Gleah about it after a session. Gleah put my little leg on the WaveMaker for 90 seconds in two places. I have not twitched since. I bark when my Mom and Gleah clear old conditioning too.”

Gidget, Canine Companion, Los Angeles, CA

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