Powers Movement

“Consciousness actually unfolds through the development of body awareness.”―Peter Levine, PhD, Founder of Somatic Experiencing


Powers Movement combines a dynamic mix of biological movement, structural awareness and body education designed to relieve stress, anxiety and pain, provide ease of movement in everyday activities and freedom from patterns of cultural conditioning.


A Powers Movement session is custom designed for your specific needs. For certain issues, you will learn a sequence that may include breath and sound to penetrate and soften tissue; and curving movements, which will activate the fluid body to help unwind and dissolve restrictions and limitations. We are composed of about 75% water; we originate and emerge from water, yet we rarely move in an organic fluid way.

Most movement and exercise programs promote linear, repetitive or mechanical movements based on a “body as machine” perspective. Powers Movement works with a biological model. If you workout, whether your sport is running, yoga, Pilates, or another discipline that shapes the body in a particular way, Powers Movement can provide non-linear diversification of movement, which lessens the potential for injury.

If you are experiencing pain or uncomfortable sensations during your everyday activities, you may need structural awareness sessions. You will learn practical tools for how to use your body with more ease and efficiency in walking, sitting, standing, bending, driving, in your work environment and sports activities.

Everything you learn in a Powers Movement session can be practiced on your own.


 Increased body awareness
 A feeling of internal nourishment and revitalization
 Improved brain function
 Freedom to move without celebrity and other body image conditioning
 Healthier bones, resilient muscles and joint flexibility
 Increased range of motion
 Softening of the aging process
 Relaxation and sense of well-being


This can be discussed after an initial appointment and assessment of individual needs. Powers Movement sessions may be done by themselves or in conjunction with WaveMaker Coaching and Human Design System Analysis.


“I’m learning about my body and the physical realm in a different way from my traditional medical models. I’m becoming very aware of how well I learn kinesthetically and this was a great place to learn. Gleah is superb. She has such a capacity to carry in a conscious state what she is trying to teach us in our bodies. The gracious expansiveness and allowing she holds was the container for the group. She is a gifted teacher who can bring the impersonal levels of wisdom to the personal levels.”

Lucinda DiDomenico, MD, Boston, MA

“Participating in this workshop is like having a massage therapist, psychologist, osteopath and rolfer work on you as you move. This work forever alters your experience of being in your body and opens you to the full potential of yourself, humankind and the universe.”

Judith Brook Elman, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, West Linn, Oregon

“Gleah has an excellent style—lively, sensitive, and enthusiastic. She showed me new ways of being in my body that not only relieved my back problems, but also gave me fresh approaches to becoming stronger.”

Andrew Blake, Psychotherapist, Toronto, Canada

“Gleah is a master at integrating the experience of structure and the fluid body through empowering self discovery –and she’s a lot of fun.”

Donna Jo Cross, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Scottsdale, AZ

“I have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Gleah devises highly inventive ways to create new neurological pathways for my brain to heal. She brings a lot of energy every time I work with her. My body and life are definitely changed because of the work I have done.”

Jennifer Field, Artist, Santa Monica, CA

“Working with post-polio syndrome and the subsequent depletion of my system, I found a way to strengthen and stay with myself in order to bring forth underlying resources. Gleah imparts her experience in a very human and palatable form. She makes everyone feel welcome, responds to individual questions and needs and yet warmly but firmly helps the participants to hold the attention and the field. I highly recommend her.”

Doris Maranda, Yoga and Continuum Movement teacher, Vancouver, Canada

“I’ve experienced incredible personal growth—physically, emotionally and spiritually—I’ve been given a new lease on life and I can’t recommend Gleah’s work highly enough.”

Brennen Kelly, Computer Programmer, Los Angeles, CA

“My reoccurring shoulder, neck and back aliments have subsided. My life now includes a stress free attitude as well as an incredibly fluid spine, which has amazingly learned to cure itself,”

Dayle Breault, Business Owner, Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve experienced an amazing amount of pain relief and have never felt such a connection with my body.”

Peggy Barrett, Occupational Therapist, Santa Monica, CA

“Gleah is loving and kind and gives simple, clear, easy to understand instructions.”

Meg McLeod, Dance Therapist, Ashville, NC

“I am more alert, more energized and certainly more limber. Gleah blends the physical with the soulful in her movement routines so that one is experiencing on many levels at once, not just simply moving the body around. She approaches everything on a very meaningful and integrated level, which addresses so much both within and without, that the effects linger for days and enhance me in all aspects of my life.”

Audrey Goodman, Teacher, Santa Monica, CA

“It made me more aware of my body and of things around me. Gleah was very kind, instructive, expressive, friendly, just right, personal, great presence, like a dragon.”

Miranda Wall, High School student, Boston, MA

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